What is "Beyond Zouk"

"Beyond Zouk" is designed to help participants, from all walks of life, explore movement and touch, in a fun and safe manner. Keeping the sensitivities of individuals in mind, in the context of a conservative Asian culture, the program aims to introduce dancers and non-dancers alike to the experience of deep human-to-human connection, through music and movement; but always in a way that is non-intimidating, and consent-based.

Join us on this journey of self-discovery. Learn about how you interact with other humans, both physically and mentally, and what your relationship with touch is. All partner exercises are conducted with a wonderful variety of songs that you can't help but move to. As consent is very important in building a safe environment, you will be asked for your permission, before any exercise involving touch commences.

P.S. Why the name "Beyond Zouk"? We discovered the magic of co-creation and connection through the partner dance of Brazilian Zouk. But the lessons we learned from this dance can be applied to areas of our life beyond the dance itself. This is not a dance lesson; it is a immersion program to explore how we connect to other humans.

  • It was a deliciously sweet experience! Jean and Jasmin created a safe learning environment to explore more about myself and how touch and different types of touch is important to me. Learning about consent and boundaries through movement is refreshing. I have little dance experience and it wasn't a problem at all. I felt guided, safe and free! - F. P.

  • Jean teaches dance in a way that is absolutely unique. Nowhere in the world have I seen anyone make a whole class feel so comfortable, and make dancing feel so natural! I wish everyone could have this experience to understand what dance is really all about. - Kareem Shehata

  • Beyond Zouk is not really about zouk, in the best possible way. For me Jean touches the very foundation of why I dance — to move my body without insecurity nor ego, to connect to another dancer fully, to yearn to connect vulnerably and without shame or guilt. And finally, after all that, to connect in some little way, to the core of my own being. - Y. H.

Day 1 (Sun 11 Sep) - The Building Blocks

  • Tuning the body

    We invite you to slow down from the busyness of this life, through a series of body-based exercises. Just like how we warm our bodies up before working out, these exercises will bring more awareness to our breathing, and prepare our spine, joints, and muscles for the day’s movement.

  • Consent & Boundaries

    Diving into a topic that is essential but uncommon, we will introduce ways to open up continual conversation on navigating the requesting and giving of consent. We hope to empower participants, to own and express their boundaries with confidence while acknowledging those of others.

  • The Good Touch

    Touch – another taboo topic, especially in this side of the world – is something that nourishes our minds and bodies. Think about how we feel when a loved one holds our hand, or gives us a hug: it is soothing, comforting, reassuring. In this module, we explore and breakdown the technicalities and intricacies of the touches we enjoy, and how touch can be separated from sexual connotations. We hope to empower participants to extend this practice into their various dance forms.

Day 2 (Sun 18 Sep) - Bringing It All Together

  • Co-creation & Play

    With new awareness and connection to ourselves, we invite you to extend this exploration beyond the self. Through a series of partnered exercises, you are invited to connect with your partner, through visual, energetic, and kinesthetic modalities.

  • Building trust within our bodies & with-out

    Exploring our relationship with touch can sometimes be confronting. As we take steps towards understanding this territory, we invite you to lean into this vulnerability through a series of trust exercises. These exercises will encourage us to listen to our bodies, as well as develop a sensitivity to how others respond to us physically.

  • Surrendering to music

    Music: just a mere combination of sounds and frequencies. Just like touch, it has the ability to release oxytocin and encourage social bonds. Our final module invites us to pair our new-founded connectedness to our bodies, and to others, with music. Through a series of scaffolded activities, we invite you to experience the joys of co-creating movement with your partner, and with music as our third collaborator.

Notes to participants

Modules in this immersion are conducted in the following format. We invite participants to immerse themselves as deeply as they can to reap the benefits of this experience. Mobile phones will be set aside. We would also highly recommend penning down reflections, thoughts or new discoveries that may arise during this immersion.

  • Experiential Explorations

    Modules in this immersion are conducted in the following format. We invite participants to immerse themselves as deeply as they can to reap the benefits of this experience.

  • Reflection upon the experience

    Participants will be given some time to collect their thoughts and/or pen their thoughts post-activity.

  • Sharing of the reflection

    Participants will be invited to share their reflections either in pairs, small groups, or with the whole class. (Participants can choose not to share should they not feel up to it at that moment.)

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Jean Goh

With a Masters in School Psychology, Jean has a deep interest in understanding how people learn. Since 2004, she has applied her knowledge and been a community leader in the Singapore Latin dance scene (Salsa, Bachata, Rueda, Brazilian Zouk).

After running a successful dance school for 12 years, she decided to focus on delving deeper into the art of Brazilian Zouk. It was through this dance that she discovered new ways of connecting with people, through movement and music, that resulted in a level of synergy and enjoyment that she had not experienced before.

Since 2018, Jean has been studying this phemonema of deep connection through the dance, seeking knowledge from other Brazilian Zouk artistes who practise a similar style. Her research has culminated in the 8-hour program known as "Beyond Zouk".

Since it's introduction, the Beyond Zouk program has met with great success, and participants have been astonished at the level of connection they could attain, with individuals that they had no pre-existing relationship with.

Jasmin Wong

Jasmin is an educator, entrepreneur, and creator. Over the last 13 years, Jasmin has honed her skills in facilitation and teaching, in various domains. Her earlier work involved working with teenagers through language, literature, leadership, and theatre/drama. In recent years, Jasmin works with adults through corporate trainings, and mentors teaching artists in their work with her company "Taugeh Productions".

Pursuing drama and theatre since she was six has provided Jasmin with a good foundation in breathwork and body awareness. This was enhanced as she explored various solo and partner dance forms, and paralleled her dance practice with Pilates training. Currently, Jasmin is in her 12th year of exploring Brazilian Zouk as a dance form, and is still fascinated at how much more there is to learn.

Jasmin is also deeply curious about psychosomatic healing, the untapped wisdom of the body, and how movement, body awareness, and touch can serve as gateways to better mental health. The last three years have also led Jasmin deeper into yoga, movement meditation, and somatic/movement therapy.

When Jasmin is not teaching or moving, she is passionate about stories and writes for the stage and screen. She is also trained as an Intimacy Choreographer for performances.

Jasmin’s multi-hyphenated practice is grounded upon keen listening and observation, inquisitive questioning, and an openness that contribute to the building of brave spaces for risk-taking and exploration.

Dates: Sun 18 & 25 Sep


The program is made up of 8 hours of lessons, spread across two days. Day 1 lesson will take place on Sun 18 Sep, from 2pm to 630pm (with a short break for refreshments in the middle). Location is Danz Artistica, #04-03 ICB Building. Day 2 lesson will take place on Sun 25 Sep, from 2pm to 630pm (with a short break for refreshments in the middle). Location is #07-05 Skyline Building. We are offering this program for an introductory fee of $250.

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Day 1 Location: #04-03 ICB Enterprise House

Day 2 Location: #07-05 Skyline Building