What is Brazilian Zouk?

Just like Salsa, Bachata, West Coast Swing, and Kizomba, Brazilian Zouk is a partner dance, involving a “leader” and “follower”, and danced to great music.

Unlike other Latin dances, Brazilian Zouk can be danced to radio-friendly tunes, such as Pop, R&B and Hip-Hop, Trap and Chillstep songs, and even songs without percussion instruments. Kizomba or Zouk ghetto music from Angola and Brazil are also frequently used.

Brazilian Zouk evolved from Lambada, and was developed in the mid 1990s, after interest in Lambada declined. It is a newer dance, as compared to Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba, but it is rapidly gaining tremendous popularity all over the world. This is partly due to the use of popular and current music in the dance.

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Why try Brazilian Zouk?

Because it’ll make you happy. Because it provides stress release. Because it allows you to connect with other individuals, while moving to your favorite tunes!

For those of us who dance Brazilian Zouk, we’ve experienced Zouk to be a dance where magical moments are created with another person. It is a dance that allows for trust and connection between you and your partner. With that, you can free your mind, express yourself, and share in a conversation of movement to music, with a complete stranger.

You will experience improvements in strength and balance, posture and coordination, confidence, and an overall sense of achievement.

So, if you’ve got the passion, we’ve got the patience. Come and experience the gift of Zouk for yourself.

Teaching Philosophy

Zouk Dance Academy is dedicated to providing quality instruction in Brazilian Zouk, so as to create Brazilian Zouk dancers that are respectful of others, safe and fun to dance with. In addition to investing in continuous education through private lessons, we organize Brazilian Zouk events in Singapore, featuring workshops and parties with the very best professionals in Brazilian Zouk.

Because the dance of Zouk is dynamic, dancers must have a good connection to each other, to be able to move as one. The synchronicity of movement is also what makes Brazilian Zouk so fun!

At Zouk Dance Academy, we believe in experiential and consequential learning – where students learn about the dance through fun exercises with their partners, and structured, physical drills.

Instead of rote learning, students learn, very quickly, how to lead/follow by experiencing the natural consequences of their actions in a playful manner.

Lessons include games, exercises and drills that focus on improving balance, strength and control. As a result, we often see students exhibiting greater confidence in all areas of life, and a greater sense of well-being.

We invite you to join us on this amazing journey, and experience the transformation for yourself. To be able to express music in a shared movement – that is truly one of the most magical experiences that Brazilian Zouk offers.


Head Honcho

Jean Goh is the pioneer of the Brazilian Zouk scene in Singapore. She has been providing instruction in Brazilian Zouk since 2008, and is lauded by internationally renowned Zouk artistes for creating dancers that are strong in their fundamentals and delightful to dance with. Besides being a Brazilian Zouk instructor, she is also well known for DJing and for her Zouk remixes. Her DJ moniker is “DJ Yen”.


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Dance style

Jean’s dance style (as a lead) is a blend of a variety of Zouk styles, with elements of Rio-Zouk, LambaZouk, Brenda-Anderson style Zouk, and more. She loves combining concepts and elements from different styles of Zouk, and her current focus is on using the principles of elasticity and impulse to create energy flow between dancers. Her dance is guided by the co-creation principle of SoulZouk (by “China” SoulZouk), where dancers are always present and “dance in the moment”. Being of small stature, Jean often encounters followers of similar size or bigger. She has developed leading techniques that are effective without using much strength or force – a skill she imparts to all her students. Jean is renowned for creating dancers that are unique, wonderfully comfortable to dance with, and very musical.