Dancers from the ZDA Community

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Bryan Yap

Bryan has been in the dance community for over 10 years. A affable lad, and always ready to lend a hand, he’s been a indispensable member of the community; especially at workshops and Xmas parties. If you’re wondering where he gets his unique dance style from, it’s comes from his years of doing rollerblading stunts. Invite him for a dance the next time you see him!

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Rachel Tan

Rachel has been with the ZDA community for many years and she is very passionate about dance. While she may seem a little shy off the dance floor, she clearly has lot of fun on the dance floor, especially when the fast and funky tunes come on. She also loves the slow and chill connection dances in Dark Zouk. Always smiling, Rachel is very friendly and easy to talk to. Do invite her for a dance the next time you see her!

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Ameen Akbar

A native of Sri Lanka, Ameen picked up Brazilian Zouk many years ago, when he moved to Singapore. He has been a strong supporter of Brazilian Zouk since. A welcoming presence, Ameen is always proactive in greeting and chatting with new dancers and guests, and always makes it point to dance with them. Over the years, he has also picked up DJing skills and has been featured in several festivals throughout Asia. Catch his DJ set the next time he’s on the decks.

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June Ho

With a statuesque presence and sweet smile, it’s hard to miss June. She is shy when she’s not dancing, but the fun side of her personality shines through on the dance floor. Kind, generous and mindful, she’s always ready to offer a hand when help is needed. June has since relocated to Canada, so do let her know if you’re heading north.

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Jay Somasundram

With his fun-loving nature and friendly demeanour, it’s easy to see why Jay is one of the most popular dancers around. Whether he’s dancing with a beginner or an advanced dancer, Jay knows just how to jazz up the dance to create a playful experience. Plus, he’s such a lot of fun to watch, with his groovy style and infusion of funky hip hop steps.

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Christine Tham

One of the friendliest Zouk dancers on the floor, Christine is happy to dance with everyone, from beginners to more experienced dancers, both followers and leaders. Being an avid dancer, Christine also frequents Salsa and Bachata socials. Kind, generous and always happy to lend a helping hand, Christine is a pillar of the ZDA community.

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Steve Parker

With a kind and warm demeanor, Steve is one of our most popular Dark Zouk dancers. He is able to put many dancers at ease; even guys want to be led by him. Steve is also responsible for creating many of our chill Dark Zouk playlists. With his passion for Zouk and for growing the Zouk community, Steve is definitely an integral member of ZDA.

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Yilin Yap

Yilin has been dancing Zouk for several years and she works hard at improving her dance. She has developed into a beautiful dancer. She’s particularly popular for the “soft and cosy” feel she gives during Dark Zouk (like hugging your fav soft pillow).

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Jasmin Wong

Jasmin is one of our most versatile Zouk dancers. With over a decade of experience, she is an amazing follower, and also one of the most popular leaders for Zouk Planta (as evidenced by her solid fan base).

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Jacky Chen

Despite his gruff exterior, Jacky is a really nice and helpful person. He proactively invites followers to dance, and he has a light lead that’s unpredictable but super fun.

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Genevieve Chan

Genevieve is one of our most senior dancers. She has a wonderful presence that lights up any room! Known for her friendly and kind-hearted, beginner and advanced dancers alike all love dancing with her, including our Brazilian Zouk artistes.

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