Are you being a bully on the dance floor?

Do you do complex moves on beginners? Do your dance partners often look lost and confused? Do dancers avoid you? Maybe you’re being a bully on the dance floor. Read on…

Dance Boners and what to do about them

While unintended, dance boners can cause awkwardness and discomfort in both dancers. So what can we do to diffuse such situations? Here are some suggestions from dancers, from all over the world. Read on…

Zouk Dance Academy Code of conduct

Please read before attending any classes, practicas or events at ZDA

We welcome all dancers, from all schools and countries. It is our hope that everyone will have a great time, and at the same time, feel safe at our classes and event. With your cooperation, we can provide an inclusive, safe dance experience for everybody. Please take some time to understand the ZDA code of conduct before registering for clases, practicas or events. Click here.