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ZDA alumni: Dev & Jasmin

Dev & Jasmin are two of the pioneer students at Zouk Dance Academy, for Brazilian Zouk. They have been dancing Brazilian Zouk since 2009! What is Brazilian Zouk? For some it’s a big slice of pure happiness. For others it’s a moment of peace and calm. It’s whatever you want it to be. Enjoy our collection of Zouk social dances (non-choreographed) featuring the students of Zouk Dance Academy.

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Dec 2023 ZoukRush: Iago & Vanessa

We had such a blast with with Iago and Vanessa. It was very exciting to have them bring their brand of Zouk and Lambada to Singapore. Not only did we fall in love with them, we also fell in love with Lambada. Big thanks to Iago and Vanessa for sharing all your love and energy to the wonderful participants at ZoukRush. 

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May 2023 ZoukRush: Gui & Brenda

After 3 years of waiting, we were finally able to have Gui Prada visit us in Singapore, along with the lovely Brenda Carvalho. It was an amazing 4 days of parties and workshop. Gui and Brenda reminded us of the beautify of “simple” movements, the magic of unforced, organic connection, and the joy of old-school Zouk music. We were super stoked to see them enjoy themselves in the parties – so much so that they requested to have extra socials on Sun and Mon. That was truly an honor.

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Oct 2022 ZoukRush: Brenda & Anderson

ZoukRUSH 2022 with Brenda & Anderson was simply amazing, with over 60 participants, and dancers from Singapore, Malaysia, Bali, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany and Australia! It was a wonderful week of discovery, transformation and new friendships. Special thanks to Brenda and Anderson for sharing their knowledge, philosophy and positive energy with us. Their workshops were invaluable in transforming the way participants approach dance – both mentally and physically.

Sep 2019 ZoukRush: Brenda & Anderson

This was a dream come true for many of us in Singapore. For one week, we got to dance with Anderson & Brenda across 4 parties. More importantly, we got to study their methods, techniques and philosophy towards dance, for 11 hours! It was a very transformative journey for many, with countless “light bulb” moments; both in the classroom and on the dance floor. They not only taught us to dance, they taught us to how to love and be loved as humans, with Zouk as our vehicle.

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Nov 2018 ZoukRush: Val & Vanessa

Val Clemente & Vanessa Bonilha definitely lived up to their reputation for being amazing instructors and social dancers! Love the way they teach – using simple concepts and analogies that help us to understand complex moves. Their classes were always fun and entertaining, and there were many “light bulb” moments for us. We also loved that they enjoyed social dancing with everyone; no matter the skill level of the dancer.

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Oct 2018 ZoukRush:
China Soulzouk

We had a glorious 2-weeks with Claudio “China SoulZouk”; dancing and learning all about Soulzouk techniques. Love how he makes seemingly complex moves easy, by working with the way our body moves naturally. Claudio showed us how we can lead/follow with ease, and have fun doing it. He leads with such great precision that anyone, even non-Zouk dancers, can follow him, and have fun doing it. We can’t wait have him back in Singapore again for his 3rd time!

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June 2018 ZoukRush: Felipe & Erica

Felipe Garcia and Erica Tintel are definitely one of our favorite artistes, with their infectious energy and super friendly persona! Not only do we love their phenomenal dance skills, and fun and engaging teaching style, we also love that they are super-obliging with crazy requests, like doing multiple demos at socials, even to songs they don’t know. They are so fun to hang around with, and we just love them to bits! They have a place in our hearts, and we can’t wait to have them back again soon!

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Dec 2017 ZoukRush:
China Soulzouk

Big thanks to China for enthusiastically and generously sharing his unique style and methodology, all of which have been absolutely mind-blowing. The workshops were such a lot of fun, thanks to his wonderful sense of humor and his Chinglish. Thanks to China for dancing all night long, non-stop, at the parties! It was truly a magical weekend.

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Aug 2017 ZoukRush:
Arthur & Layssa

It was wonderful to have Arthur Santos & Layssa Liebscher Full back in Singapore for their third ZoukRush! And once again, they proved to be excellent teachers, with an amazing amount of knowledge to share! Their workshops were very detailed and gave us different and useful perspectives on Zouk movements. Despite nursing injuries, they made it a point to dance with everyone at the socials! A big thank you to Arthur & Layssa for generously sharing your knowledge with us!

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Jul 2017 ZoukRush:
Felipe & Erica

We had the most fantastic time with the super cute and sprightly couple, Felipe Garcia & Erica Tintel! Not only are they amazing teachers, they are also remarkably talented dancers and extremely funny! Their workshops were very educational and entertaining, and the time just flew by. Big thanks to Felipe Garcia & Erica Tintel for opening their hearts to the Zouk community here, and for graciously sharing their time, energy and knowledge with each and every participant at ZoukRush!

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Mar 2017 ZoukRush:
Leo & Becky

After a long wait, we managed to snag Leo & Becky for a second visit to Singapore, amidst their busy schedule. Besides being super dedicated as instructors as social dancers, they are also two of the loveliest individuals around; always warm, always friendly and genuinely caring. They certainly won a place in our hearts!

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Dec 2016 ZoukRUSH: Kamacho & Debby

It was an amazing week of parties and workshops with Kamacho & Debby. With their boundless energy and corny analogies, the workshops were educational and entertaining at the same time! Special thanks to Kamacho and Debby for showing us how to infuse the fun and crazy side of one’s personality into Zouk.

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Aug 2016 ZoukRush: Bruno & Layssa

We were honored to have Bruno & Layssa in Singapore, whose sensuality and musicality inspired us all. They reminded us of the magical moments that transpire in Zouk, when two people are so deeply connected in the dance. Thank you for the fantastic workshops, and for indulging in our crazy ways!

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