Courses Offered

Exploring Kinnection

"Exploring Kinnection" is an 8-hour course that focuses on how we can connect to other dancers, through movement and music. The course is filled with fun games and activities that will help participants to bond naturally (often through humor) over 8 hours. Asking for consent and respecting boundaries are core elements, and will be emphasised throughout. From our experience, by the end of the course, participants often experience various levels of connection that leaves them feeling safe, joyful and "heard". This feeling is one of the reasons why so many of us love dancing Brazilian Zouk.

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Zouk Foundations

"Zouk Foundations" is a 6-hour course that introduces participants to the basics of Zouk partner dancing. Through a series of fun exercises, participants will learn how a "Zouk body" moves, in terms of weight shift, posture, muscle tone, etc. This is so that they  can enjoy a connection with a dance partner that's fluid and relaxed (while executing a variety of moves). After these skills have been established, foundational moves such as Passo Basico, Lateral, Viradinha and Soltinho will be taught.

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Learning Lab

"Learning Lab" is an ad-hoc, 2-hour lesson, where participants can focus on learning whatever it is they prefer. Think of it as a group private lesson. Participants attend with a partner (or they may be partnered up with a classmate with complementary goals), and the instructor will spend some time with each pair on their goals, The lesson fee is dependent on the number of attendees. It usually ranges between $40 to $65 for the lesson. Lesson dates are selected based on the availability of participants.

Price & Location

The price for each course varies, and will be stated on the course page itself. Location will also vary, and will also be stated on the course page.