Course Description

Start with “Exploring Kinnection”

The first course of your Zouk journey, “Exploring Kinnection”, focuses on internal connection and body awareness, as well as connection with other humans. Subsequent courses will incorporate more fundamental movements of Brazilian Zouk.

Courses are 8-hours total

Most courses use a 2-hr x 4-lesson format, with the exception of ad hoc Zouk workshops or workshops by guests artistes, which may be shorter or longer.

Free refreshers

You can return for courses featuring the same content, as often as you like, for free. This is great for frequent travelers, folks on shift work, or those who require more practise. Unless the class is full, we will always try to accommodate all refreshers. Students are highly encouraged to return for refreshers.

Price & Location

Each 8-hour course is $160 (works out to $20/hour). For those who wish to pay per lesson, the price is $45 per 2-hour block (currently unavailable due to safe management measures). However, do note that “free refreshers” will not be applicable for the single-lesson payment option. Lessons are held at a variety of studios.

Course Progression

  • Brazilian Zouk Part 1 ("Exploring Kinnection") through 8

    Everything you need, to enjoy partner dancing! The initial focus will be on connection – within oneself and with a partner. We begin with understanding ourselves, our own movements, what it truly means to “connect” with another human. Through a series of exercises, you will be gently introduced to the different levels of connection, and to the joy of partner dancing. In subsequent courses, important techniques of Brazilian Zouk will be introduced, including weight shift, grounding, balance while pivoting, elasticity, etc. These pivotal concepts will be taught using the framework of paso basico (basic step), lateral and the various entries and exits, viradinha, bonus, yoyo, elastico, one-arm turn, lunge, etc. Apart from a simple cambre (dip), there will be no tilted or off-axis movements.

  • Assessment after Brazilian Zouk Part 8

    In order to progress to Brazilian Zouk Part 9 and above, you will need to pass an assessment. Simply demonstrate competency in at least 80% of the moves, and you’re good to proceed. If you don’t pass the assessment, it just means you should take time to practise your moves, return for free refreshers, and try again later. The syllabus in Brazilian Zouk Part 9 and above will require one to have very strong fundamentals, as we will be starting on off-axis movements as well as head movements.

  • Brazilian Zouk Part 9 to Infinity & Beyond

    Introduction to more advanced circular, tilted and off-axis movements, such as boneca/balao apagado, rotisserie, dives, etc. While “head movements” have traditionally been considered very difficult, these courses will teach you a very different approach to head movements; one that is much easier and kinder to the body, and one that makes head movements feel very natural, to both leader and follower. The inclusion of head movements will bring a whole new dimension to your dance.