Course Description

Begin from Zouk Part 1

Unless you’ve had rigorous training in Braziian Zouk (Rio-style), you should begin from Brazilian Zouk Part 1. The courses are progressive. For your own safety and the safety of your classmates, you will only be allowed to participate in higher levels when the instructor deems it appropriate.

Courses are 8-hours total

Most courses use a 2-hr x 4-lesson format, with the exception of ad hoc Zouk workshops or workshops by guests artistes.

Free refreshers

You can return for the same-level course, as often as you like, for free. This is great for frequent travelers, folks on shift work, or those who require more practise. Unless the class is full, we will always try to accommodate all refreshers. Students are highly encouraged to return for refreshers.

Price & Location

Each 8-hour course is $160 for first-timers (works out to $20/hour). Returning students can enjoy a discounted rate of $140 for subsequent higher-level courses. For those who wish to pay per lesson, the price is $45 per 2-hour block. However, do note that “free refreshers” will not be applicable for this payment option. Lessons are held mostly at #08-02 Burlington Sq (Dance Channel), but may be conducted at other dance studios.

Course Progression

  • Brazilian Zouk Part 1 through 8

    Everything you need to get you dancing well. Includes history of Brazilian Zouk, connection, basic steps, lateral and the various entries and exits, viradinha, bonus, yoyo, elastico, one-arm turn, lunge, etc. Apart from a simple cambre (dip), there will be no tilted or off-axis movements.

  • Assessment after Brazilian Zouk Part 8

    In order to progress to Brazilian Zouk Part 9 and above, you will need to pass an assessment. Simply demonstrate competency in at least 80% of the moves, and you’re good to proceed. If you don’t pass the assessment, it just means you should take time to practise your moves, return for free refreshers, and try again later. The syllabus in Brazilian Zouk Part 9 and above will require one to have very strong fundamentals, as we will be starting on off-axis movements as well as head movements.

  • Brazilian Zouk Part 9 to Infinity & Beyond

    Introduction to circular, tilted and off-axis movements, such as boneca/balao apagado, rotisserie, dives, etc. You will be drilled on the different types of turns and off-axis movements, to prepare and condition your body, before such movements are introduced in partnerwork. The more conditioned your body is, the more balanced and controlled you will be; thus increasing your enjoyment while reducing the risk of injury.