Register for ZoukRush 2022 with
Anderson & Brenda (leaders only)

Registration is only available for leaders at both workshops and parties. There are NO MORE SLOTS for followers.

Workshops will be held at Danz Artistica (#04-03 ICB Enterprise House). To secure your spot, please make payment in advance, via bank transfer/deposit/PayNow/PayLah/Pay Anyone or cash payment. Please note that we do not have any card-processing facilities at the studio, so we can only accept bank transfers or cash.

*Please note*: Fees for the workshops will be charged according to the number of hours that workshop is scheduled for, regardless of how many hours you actually attend. As far as possible, please be there for the entire duration of the workshop, to minimize disruption to other participants.

*Please note*: As we have more followers than leaders, new registrants for follower slots will be placed on the waitlist. Registrants will only be confirmed if more leaders register as well (which will help with the gender ratio). We currently have quite a lot more followers than leaders.