Zouk Foundations (weekly edition)

Zouk Foundations (weekly edition) is a series of weekly drop-in lessons on the fundamentals of Brazilian Zouuk. Lessons will take place from 7pm to 830pm on Saturdays, just before the PURE ZOUK socials

The lessons will cover a variety of topics and will include fundamental rules/concepts of Zouk, movement techniques and partnerwork (soltinho, lunge, single turn, etc)

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  • The class has completely changed my perspective of partnering in partner dances! Jean's teaching strategy sets a very solid foundation for understanding leading and following. Her concepts of 'co-creation' and 'following the follow' has helped broaden my perspective in both dance and personal life. The depth of her teaching is truly one of a kind and will definitely be taken with me throughout my zouk (and life) journey! - Carin Lee

  • Jean teaches dance in a way that is absolutely unique. Nowhere in the world have I seen anyone make a whole class feel so comfortable, and make dancing feel so natural! I wish everyone could have this experience to understand what dance is really all about. - Kareem Shehata

  • I highly recommend the Zouk course here. It is an amazing new experience for me. I had some previous experience with other types of dance, but it is my first time trying zouk and partner dance. And I love it. Jean is the best dance teacher I have ever met. She is very passionate and dedicated and put a lot of thinking in her teaching. Geting into partner dance could be intimidating. With Jean's guidance, the process is smooth and I enjoy every lesson. - Frank Wu


Jean Goh

With a Masters in School Psychology, Jean has a deep interest in understanding how people learn. Since 2004, she has applied her knowledge and been a community leader in the Singapore Latin dance scene (Salsa, Bachata, Rueda, Brazilian Zouk).

After running a successful dance school for 12 years, she decided to focus on delving deeper into the art of Brazilian Zouk. It was through this dance that she discovered new ways of connecting with people, through movement and music, that resulted in a level of synergy and enjoyment that she had not experienced before. She has also been a big advocate for giving/asking for consent, and setting and clear communication of boundaries in partner dancing.

Jean's focus in class is on helping participants find happiness and pleasure in movement, musical expression, and human connection through the dance of Zouk. She believes that Zouk can be enjoyed even more when we move in a relaxed and yet efficient manner, and when dancers are part of a community that's respectful, inclusive and kind.

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Location: Danz Artistica, #04-03 ICB Enterprise House