ZoukRush 2022 with Brenda & Anderson

Once again, Zouk Dance Academy is very excited to bring in the well-loved and massively popular megastars, Brenda and Anderson, to Singapore! This will be their second trip to Singapore, and we are very excited to have them here for ONE WEEK!

Brenda and Anderson have been transforming the world of Brazilian Zouk since 2014. They have a style like no other - expressive, intimate and genuine. Their unique way of dancing is based on several physical and philosophic concepts, that creates an opportunity for anybody at any level, to have deep and transformative connection experiences through dance.

It's been 3 years since they were last here, and they've only continued to become more popular over the years. We can't wait to see how their methodology has evolved! During their time here, Brenda and Anderson will be sharing their knowledge with us, across 9 hours of workshops and 3 parties! Workshops will focus on various concepts like grounding, lead and follow, and flow, and will run in 2-hr blocks.

Don't miss out on Anderson and Brenda's workshops! Their philosophy and methodology are very different from what is usually expected with traditional Brazilian Zouk. They will bring your Zouk to a whole new level of enjoyment. Register for your ZoukRush passes today!

Only workshop and party slots for leaders are available.
No more slots for followers.

ZoukRush Oct 2022 Schedule

All parties and workshops will take place at Danz Artistica, #04-03 ICB Enterprise House.

Wednesday 5 Oct

  • Welcome Party

    8pm to 1030pm at Danz Artistica


    $25 for participants of the weekend workshops

    $30 for non-participants of the weekend workshops


    $35 for all participants

Friday 7 Oct

  • Workshop: Playing (1 hr)

    8pm to 9pm at Danz Artistica

    We love to play! In this workshop, we'll share how to play with different vibes, and move in a different shapes.

  • Zouk Frenzy

    9pm to 12am at Danz Artistica

    The last hour of social will be "Dark Zouk".

    $35 for Fri workshop only

    $55 for both Fri workshop + party


    $40 for Fri Workshop only for all participants

    $60 for Fri Workshop + party for all participants

    $30 for participants of the weekend workshops

    $35 for non-participants of the weekend workshops


    $40 for all participants

Saturday 8 Oct

  • Workshop: Grounding (2 hrs)

    2pm to 4pm at Danz Artistica

    Important for all dancers, we will share the grounding technique we use, to feel more balanced effortlessly. We will use Zouk rhythms and basics to practice these techniques.

  • Workshop: Flow (2 hrs)

    420pm to 620pm at Danz Artistica

    We will share our basic Brenderson sequence, to work on flow on the spot, and in close embrace without using the arms. This will help you to learn how to listen to the body movement and ways of flowing. The sequence we will be using is basic to how we dance, it will help you to connect with yourself while connecting with somebody else.

  • Pure Zouk

    830pm to 12am at Danz Artistica

    The last 1.5 hours of social will be "Dark Zouk".


    $30 for participants of the weekend workshops

    $35 for non-participants of the weekend workshops


    $40 for all participants

Sunday 9 Oct

  • Workshop: Lead & Follow (2 hrs)

    2pm to 4pm at Danz Artistica

    The basis of communication in dance, we will explore some foundations of walking together, sending information through the point of contact to the body of the partner and some traveling movements.

  • Workshop: Expanding flow (2 hrs)

    420pm to 620pm at Danz Artistica

    After sharing about lead and follow, flow and grounding, we will explore how to give and receive momentum, creating a dance that feels easy and makes sense in the body in a natural and organic way.


    630pm to 8pm at Danz Artistica

    Please note that this practica is only available to Sat or Sun workshop participants.


    $10 for participants of the weekend workshops


    $15 for all participants of the weekend workshops

Zoukrush Full Pass

Zoukrush Weekend Workshop Passes*

Zouk Addict


when you take 4 workshops (8 hrs)

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Zouk Lover


when you take 2 or 3 workshops (4 or 6 hrs)
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Zouk Teaser


when you take 1 workshop (2 hrs)
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  • Each weekend workshop is 2-hours long.

  • Zouk Weekend Workshop passes are available only until 30 Sep 2022! After that, workshops fees will be $96/workshop (2 hrs).

  • Do note that fees for the workshops will be charged according to the number of hours that workshop is scheduled for, regardless of how many hours you actually attend.

ZoukRUSH Party fees

Frequently Asked Questions

  • About Brenda & Anderson

    Anderson and Brenda have been working together since November 2011. With Anderson's vast experience in stage and Samba and Salsa expertise, and Brenda's deep knowledge of didactics and expertise in Zouk and Tango, the couple experienced a very wide and deep connection from the beginning of the partnership and together they won all competitions, where they participated in traditional and contemporary ballroom choreography in the Effect Dance contest in 2011 and 2012 and the Desterro Dance Award in 2012. The couple stood out for their versatility of styles, technical cleanliness and choreographic composition and in their differentiated courses for their emphasis on student understanding of connection with themselves, their peers and music and after attending some of the biggest Brazilian and international events - 1st Barcelona Samba World Congress in 2011, Ubuntu Salsa Congress in Paris 2012, Baila Floripa, Baila Costao, Sambaniacos, Sydney Latin Festival in 2013 among many others. They accepted the invitation to be part of the Brazouka dance company in 2014, who performed in the largest theaters in South Africa, London, Edhimburg and Australia for 8 months.

    Upon returning to Brazil in 2015, they had a major crisis in relation to their purpose as artists, which defined a new phase in the couple's life: transforming dance not only into a health and wellness tool for the body, but also for the body, mind and consciousness, making the evolution of dance, walking along with human development and from there studying different techniques and methodologies such as Eutonia, Alexander Technique, Human Development in Pro Life, Mindfulness, Theatahealing, Neurosculpture, Tantra, Sacred Male and Female , Nonviolent Communication, Course in Miracles and many other sources of self-awareness with the goal of integrating mind and body in the dance relationship. The result of this new phase is visible in the demonstrations of intense connection, fun and enjoyment whether in class, choreography or improvisation.

    In this new trajectory they had the opportunity to work on developing this new vision of dance together with artist Xandy Liberato for 1 year. This new style exploded in the Zouk market, integrating many elements of these new discoveries in ballroom dancing. They worked at the Neurosculpture Retreat in Denver with Neurosculpture creator Lisa Marie. Anderson graduated as a therapist Thetahealer, and Brenda graduated in the study of feminine and nonviolent communication. They created a series of courses such as Intensive with A&B, Immersion with A&B with its own methodology that is still under development and have visited at least 40 cities around the world teaching from workshops to mindfulness retreats because of the broad vision that the study of this integration of body, mind and consciousness has brought to the relationship of ballroom dance.

    For the future, the couple intends to formalize the development of this self-awareness technique in two-seater dance and create a center of integration of mind, body and consciousness in order to provide deep experiences of mind, body and consciousness integration through two-dance.