Student Testimonials


Christine Tham

I love to torture myself; that’s why I took up Zouk. Especially under Jean – the precision, the demand for technique, the strictness, the need to make myself a stronger dancer. It’s like an addiction! I learnt to be a better dancer, to hold myself, and not be at the mercy of leads (I’m only at the mercy of Jeans’s scolding usually). With that I can also express myself through the music and the dance, and at the same time, without compromising on the movements and lead.

I’ve used the techniques learnt in Zouk and applied them to other dances like Salsa and Bachata, and I know my body is not twisted or bent in ways that will be harmful for me in the long term. Not forgetting, the students she has produced are so good that many times at congresses in Asia, you would prefer to dance with her students (other than the pros), no matter how many times you have danced with them.

Trying is believing, and you will reap what you sow in the long term.

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Kat Yurechka

I saw zouk first in Russia and always wanted to learn it. I met Leo and Becky in St Petersburg and they told me a lot about Jean Goh as an amazing teacher and DJ. I was also told that the Zouk community is very nice and friendly to beginners, and Jean’s classes are always fun.

So when I moved to Singapore I didn’t even consider other schools. I was very surprised to see a tiny girl teaching Zouk (apparently it was Jean. LOL). Nevertheless she was well respected and loved by all dancers, be it a Salsa, Bachata or Zouk dancer.

She put very high standards in dancing in Singapore. The form, the technique and the safety are her priorities. She will never jeopardize follower’s or leader’s safety for cool moves or styling. The classes are always fun to attend. We laugh and joke a lot. At the same time she breaks down the move and technique into small parts for everyone to understand.

She never stops learning from other instructors; that’s why she is able to show new styles, as well as new moves. She doesn’t like “half-assed” dancers. Every time she tells us “you either do it properly or not, but never half – assed”. We all look for her feedback as it is always honest and fair. “Not bad” really means “not bad”. Cos usually it’s,” Go and practice more!” LOL. I will definitely recommend her as a teacher and friend to all my friends. Without her I wouldn’t enjoy dancing as much as I do now. Cos it’s all aboutt being able to enjoy without fear for new moves or fearing for your own safety.

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Melody Leong

Quite a lot of people have tried to get me into social dancing, but I never really got into any of it (socials are really intimidating to a newbie!) Then a friend told me about this studio teaching Zouk, and how she thought I’d like both the dance style and the teaching style. I signed up for my first course and she joined my class as a refresher (probably partly to make sure I didn’t balk and withdraw at the last minute! haha), and the rest is history! I have to say, the Zouk dance scene is the only one that doesn’t intimidate me as well. Everyone’s very friendly, and the seniors always make sure the newbies don’t feel too out of place.

Jean’s classes are always very enjoyable! Having two hour lessons mean you have enough time to warm your body up and learn loads of new things. In one hour classes elsewhere, it sometimes feel like class is over when you’re finally warmed up. Free refreshers also mean you have the option of repeating the same course again, which helps with getting the steps. Most of the classes always have a very good guy to girl ratio, plus you get to dance with people more senior than you as well. This helps a lot in understanding how a correctly led move should feel like (cuts down a fair bit on the whole blind leading the blind thing!)

I really like how Jean’s focus is on having a strong foundation instead of just learning fancy tricks, she genuinely does want us to improve. I also like how she’s not too polite to scream personal corrections across the dance studio! It may be embarrassing the first couple of times, but you improve so much faster when you actually know which corrections are directed and you and which are not. Given how Zouk is quite a technically demanding dance, this is quite a good thing. I’ve heard of some crazy stories of injuries happening because people (or their partners) try doing crazy stunts that they aren’t capable of yet, and I’m glad to say this doesn’t happen here!

Jean also doesn’t force us into a certain ‘look’ or ‘style’ of dancing. For each steps, she’d normally provide us with different styling options, or tell us where we can get ideas from. If you ever come to a social dance scene, you will realise everyone dances differently, it isn’t just a studio full of mini-Jeans.

I would definitely recommend picking up Zouk from Jean to anyone! Zouk is a beautiful dance that everyone should learn in my opinion, and there probably aren’t too many people who can teach it well.

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Lee J L

I found out about Brazilian Zouk when studying in Australia and started taking classes with Jean after coming back to Singapore for good. Brazilian zouk may look easy on the outside but in reality, it has a lot of techniques involved when executing the dance. What I like best about Jean’s class is her unique way of teaching and ensuring that every single person in the class is doing the right moves. Her meticulousness is a distinctive quality that stands out from the rest. I would definitely recommend giving Jean’s classes a try if you are interested in learning Brazilian Zouk or looking for something fun and refreshing!