Student Testimonials


Nia Zaini

Due to a friend’s violent persuasion, I went to my first Zouk class 3 years ago. I was scared. Dancing was never on top of my to-do list. I had zero background in it. I could barely walk straight.

Jean’s reputation precedes her. I’ve heard the legends and rumors about her being sadistically perfectionist. And yet, my first encounter with Jean was surprisingly pleasant. She made the effort to get to know each of her student on a personal level which made me feel welcome instantly. She broke down difficult concepts into elementary level without losing the sophistication.

In the first lesson Jean gave us an introduction to the dance, how much she fell in love with it, and made us have the right mindset of learning: to never be satisfied and always strive for improvement. Jean’s lesson doesn’t stay in class, it becomes a lifestyle. I find myself practicing body roll and activating my core in my commute. It’s incredible how much this dance subconsciously takes so much of my dedication in a way that it has become second nature.

Jean’s classes feel more like private lessons. She pushes you to keep on trying until you get a certain move right. She’s very strict but her class is compelling, witty, full of delightful sarcasm and ultimately rewarding.

I truly enjoy every second of Jean’s passion and guidance in her classes. All of her students do, as we keep coming back for more. And you bet there is always more for us.

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Yeow Su-Ann

Jean is one of the rare instructors around that breaks things down for you to understand, instead of cookie cutter lessons. Plus she really cares for her students and wants them to improve. If you adopt an open and willing attitude to learn, Jean will bring you a long way. Jean also adapts her teaching style for the leisure dancer or the serious dancer. For the serious dancer, Jean will be able to assist in correcting all the minor flaws that makes the dance look so flowy and effortless. For the leisure dancer, Jean will relax for critique and ensure you have your basics right to enjoy the dance.

I did some research and took a look at my options, before going with Jean. And I’ve found that Jean’s dance syllabus and knowledge in Brazilian Zouk is incomparable, and I know she will teach me the right techniques.

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Tan Kian Ming

I got to know Jean when I was taking a Salsa class at her previous school, Two Left Feet, and at that time, she was standing in for another instructor. I was impressed by how she managed to spot and correct each student’s mistake simply from one practiced song together with her facing the mirror. Hence, I stayed with her classes since then.

It was at Two Left Feet’s mixed social that I discovered Brazilian Zouk which caught my attention immediately. I saw how versatile the dance is and its limitlessness movement that can be used to interpret different genres of music. Learning Zouk from Jean has been quite scary and at the same time satisfying. She is famous for being really strict about getting her students to learn and execute the proper Zouk techniques, as she wants them to enjoy the dance without getting injured. As a teacher, she has not stopped learning. She has been actively taking private lessons from international Zouk artists, learning their unique style and techniques. so as to impart them to her students. Very often, she will come up with strange ideas and make use of props in her teaching, to enable her students to have a better understanding of the feel and movement.

Over the past 5 years, I have witnessed the modification in the zouk syllabus that she taught, which is not stagnant and changes to suit the student. Her passion in teaching and grooming her students can be evidenced from the tips and advice that she gives freely at social dance floor, and also Facebook messages (if you happen to see her online). For her student to be able to master a technique properly, the course comes with free refreshers, which is very beneficial for slow learners like me. If you are interested in learning Zouk, and need a teacher who can break down the steps for you in a systematic manner, Jean is the one you want.

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Elly Evyana

One day I was about to leave the dance studio, when I saw an exhilarating dance, which left a lasting impression on me. I had no idea what that dance was, but I sad to myself,”I want to learn it.” I asked around and finally, I realized that dance was called Zouk!

I’ve been learning under Jean, from Zouk Part 1 to Zouk Part 10 (at least 10 months)! She has a great understanding of Zouk dance, as she is capable as a leader, as well as a follower.

Jean’s teaching style is simple yet complicated. She will break down the movement as simple as possible, so I can understand the basic idea of the routine. Or sometimes she will try to use other approachs, like asking me to imagine something similar that mimics the dance feeling. For example, when I do “contraction” she will ask me to imagine somebody punching you in the stomach. Or for “Rau” movement. Jean will always ask me to imagine I’m vomiting, and many more such examples.

The complicated part is that she is a technique fanatic, not only to me, but also to all her many students. She will not hesitate to to point out your mistake. I find this quite helpful, because sometimes I thought I was doing the move right, but in reality, I was not.

To me, Jean is a very dedicated Zouk instructor to her students, as her training does not just stay inside the classroom. She has called me after dance socials, to comment on and correct my movement. She tells me to keep practising, until I get it right. I am glad that she corrects me, or else I may continue to practise the wrong things.

Jean is passionate about and very dedicated to Zouk! Me and my other dance mates are super grateful to have her as our instructor here in Singapore.

If any of you love Zouk, I would love you and urge you to learn it from her because she will teach it right and you will get it right.