Student Testimonials


Azri Jaldin

Taking up Zouk was rather interesting and gave more freedom to express what I felt on the dance floor. Jean was the best person to learn zouk and the amazing interest of the Zouk community was what made me like Zouk. Loved the music as it was not one dimensional and mostly, loved the funkyness factor.

Jean is an amazing guru, who see’s potential and makes sure the fundamentals are well drilled into you, which makes the funkier moves easy to execute and fun. Jean’s style of teaching is very precise and uses a more practical approach giving ample time to dance during classes. Her passion for Zouk is the one thing which makes her stand-out from others.

Zouk is an amazingly fun dance and I wouldn’t go to anyone else than Jean, learn the best from the best.

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Zoey Zhang

I got to know about Zouk when my Salsa mates asked me to stay back for a Zouk social. I was literally mesmerised by the moves. I was impressed by the fluidity and musicality of Zouk. Shortly I started Zouk class with Jean.

To say Jean’s class is intense is an understatement. But I truly appreciate her focus on basics and technique. She has a fun way of engaging the class too. In a way I also appreciate her being brutally honest about where we are. If you like Zouk and want to be good at it, go for Jean’s class !

P.S. Bonus for me, not only did I find many awesome dance buddies, I also found my life partner at Jean’s class 🙂

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Priya Shanmuga

I always wanted to learn Zouk and when I finally got the time, I was recommended to try it with Jean as she is the best in Brazilian Zouk. So I took a trial lesson, enjoyed myself and never looked back.

I can really see the passion in her and that she really enjoys the dance. As such, she really wants us to be at our best and pushes us to dance the right way. Though lessons are hard, they are enjoyable. She is passionate, strict and does her best to teach us.

If you really want to learn pure Brazilian Zouk, then you should learn with Jean. Just be prepared to work hard and enjoy yourself.

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Shawn Leong

Brazilian Zouk is a dance. Like all dances, I believe they are best enjoyed when you have fun! For me, the fun comes from translating music, together with your partner, into a language (i.e. movement) that is seemingly complex and comfortable. In short, it’s like learning a language that is “fun movement” and feels good!

So why learn from Jean? Let me use language class as an analogy.

“Because she teaches us how to move.” – Jean teaches A, B, C…
“Teaches us how to move correctly.” – Jean is a grammar nazi
“Moving correctly: requires time, and we get lots of it in class and refreshers.” – Jean reminds us to study OFTEN
“Moving correctly: requires practice, an abun-dance classes and socials.” – Jean reminds us to study MORE
“Moving correctly: requires someone to point out your mistakes and Jean guarantees this, I think.” – Women…*ahem* I mean, Jean never forgets our mistakes.
“Moving correctly: allows us to pleasure our partners.” – Jean teaches us “magic pickup lines”
“Moving correctly: makes gents hot and the ladies, sizzling!” – Jean teaches us “magic pickup lines, part 2”
“Moving correctly: is applicable to all dances.” – Jean teaches us “magic pickup lines” that can be used in other languages

Why “moving correctly” and not “dancing”?

I believe no one needs to learn how to “dance”, because everyone can already translate music into emotion in their own unique way. We only need to learn the language and grammar (i.e. movement) – in this case Brazilian Zouk – to express it. Jean can help with that.