Student Testimonials


Iurii Chaplygin

I was at a mixed dance social for Salsa when I saw Brazilian Zouk for the first time. I was very impressed with what I saw and from that moment, I decided to learn a Brazilian Zouk with Jean. My decision radically changed my life for the better, once I started dancing Brazilian Zouk, and became part of the Zouk community.

I like what Jean teaches us and the style of her work. She is always concerned about our mistakes, and she is happy for the success of all students, without exception. During her classes I have a lot of fun and I enjoy learning Zouk techniques. Brazilian Zouk has become my favourite dance (because of Jean’s teaching style). I’m always trying my best to improve my Zouk, and I go to her classes as often as I can as a refresher.

Jean cares a lot about your success on the dance floor. She will tell you your mistakes and help you to fix them on the spot. She is always engaged in the training of students even during dance socials. She is always trying to make us better; this is the hallmark of a great teacher.

Now when I’m at dance socials at different dance schools, people are always interested in where I am learning Brazilian Zouk and who my teacher is. I am happy to talk about my dance school, and to learning Brazilian Zouk with Jean, because she is a real master of Brazilian Zouk, and a very nice person (this is very rare to find). 😉